Monthly base Admin panel pricing

We recommend monthly plan if you already have iptv customers then continue with monthly billing system below is packages list.

Monthly Plan in EUR / USD

1- According to mention plan you have to pay every month fix renewal payment, you can start with minimum available plan.

2- Unlimited pro-reseller or sub-reseller account can make, No limit to sell credits to your resellers.

3- Only paid lines will count no matter lines for one month or for one year.

4- No matter how much credits you sell to your customer the all of your sales is yours and you will get unlimited credits in your Admin IPTV API.

Pricing list
Pricing list
100 USD/EUR = 150 Paid Lines (Max) 700 USD/EUR = 1150 Paid Lines (Max)
200 USD/EUR = 300 Paid Lines (Max) 1000 USD/EUR = 1600 Paid Lines (Max)
300 USD/EUR = 450 Paid Lines (Max) 1500 USD/EUR = 2400 Paid Lines (Max)
500 USD/EUR = 800 Paid Lines (Max) 2000 USD/EUR = Unlimited Paid lines

Rules: Your pricing shouldn't be less than our official pricing. (here you can see our pricing)

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